How to retrofit LED high beams in your BMW E39

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(INPA also needed for coding)

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First you need this style of H7 LED light


Next 2 H7 HID adaptors

And lastly 2 9005 plugs so you don't have to cut the original wiring.

Next job cut down the HID adapters as below, feel free to make a better job of it than I did :)

No take the light apart as below,

And fit the newly cut down adapter and reassemble the light.

All that's left to do is cut the H7 plug from the driver side of the LED and replace with the 9005 and fit in the reflector
It's a tight fit without removing the ballast mount, I actually cracked the glass tube on one of them trying to get it in, so be careful here

A shot of it actually fitted in the car, you can see the LED driver on the right zip tied to the Xenon ballast mount.

I actually tried several different sets which I could not make fit but I tested the beam patterns on them all as below, a little insert pic shows what type I tested.

The ones used above which do fit

And Halogen just to compare.

Next to the Xenon main beam, considerably brighter

Next I tried some called N8 as below

Same process as above, fit the cut down adaptor

I'm Much happier with beam pattern of these as below

And finally a pic of them fitted in car.

Obviously once finished you will need to code out "cold checks" and "reporting" with INPA or similar

otherwise they will flash alternately when you turn the ignition on and flash every couple of minutes when driving as the LCM checks for dead bulbs.